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The Club Experience Later In Life

I’ve been stepping out some this year. As a single woman I would like to meet someone, but it has been challenging. I’ve been told that if I didn’t get out more I would never probably meet anyone.

I was invited to go out to the club with a girlfriend. I am not really a clubber per-say. I like to party, but mostly for an special occasion, not just to hang out every weekend to mingle.  I’ve realized that I now have a 2 hour limit. It seems to be that after 2 hours they start to play the same music. Why would any music have to be repeated, it is so much music and so many artist.  I realized that its all about the trend, whatever is trendy that is what they continue to play over and over throughout the night. Or I could be wrong, they could repeat the same songs for the late comers, so they don’t miss their favorite trendy song. The repetitive music made me want to go to my car and offer up a mixed party CD that I be rocking while driving.

I was dressed really casual with a nice dress that came to the top of my knees and textured tights, nice boots with a heel. I looked around and felt very over dressed.  I saw ladies with all their boobs showing and dresses so short you could tell if they were wearing undies or not. I saw women of all ages and sizes wearing leggings with really tight shirts that didn’t come anywhere close to covering their backsides. I think I missed the memo, not to wear much and make sure its tight fitting.

I stood back and observed and realized that nobody hardly was having a couple of drinks. Most folk had several drinks and a large percentage of folk were somewhere close to being black out drunk. I think it was the music that was driving these folk to drink excessively.

Dancing, what is that? My favorite song was playing and I wanted to dance. I looked around and saw several men bopping their heads with to the music. So I waited a while to see if someone would ask me and it never happened. Well I decided that the next song I like I would ask someone. Well that was a bad idea. I ask 3 guys to dance and was turned down by all 3. At that moment I realized that I had a problem with rejection. I must admit I was mad as hell. LOL

I didn’t really meet anyone at the club and after being at the club for awhile observing, I didn’t want to meet anyone. The biggest awakening for me in this experience was that a wall flower has no room to grow so it was time to go.

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