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THE SHORTEST STORY #2 – Jared and Romanda

Romanda asked Jared what would he like for a birthday gift. Jared was having a birthday coming up in the next weeks and Romanda wanted to get him something nice of his choosing.  Romanda was truly taken by surprise by what Jared wanted for a gift. Jared said, that he would really like to have a stripper as a birthday gift. “A stripper”, she replied. Romanda found his request to be a bitter pill to swallow. Romanda and Jared had been in a relationship for 2 years and she was blown away.

Romanda was very annoyed and said again, “a stripper” really the nerve of you.  How on earth could you tell your girl that you want a stripper on your birthday. Jared could not understand her feelings, after all she did ask him what he wanted.  He thought to himself damn she ask me a question and I gave her an honest answer. She is always telling me not to lie to her, but the truth doesn’t seem to make her feel good. Romanda had a habit of going off at the drop of the hat without thought. Jared shakes his head, and shrugs his shoulders in a mild state of confusion.  Romanda continues to go off and attack him with harsh words and negative remarks. She was clearly upset at what she thought was an outrageous and bizarre request.

Romanda lashes out, “where in the hell do you think I am going to get you a damn stripper?” I have a good mind not to get you anything she screams. Jared could not take anymore harshness or yelling from her.  He grabbed his car keys and turns to Romanda and says “the next guy you meet if you get the “truth” you need to be the “truth”. Romanda replies, “whatever”.

He drew her near and looked her in the eyes and spoke softly and said, “baby the truth is you should have gone out and got yourself some stripper gear”.  You should have been ready to set the atmosphere and pulled out a chair and be true and presented me my stripper “you baby”.  But instead you jumped off the cliff before you looked and the conversation went down hill. Romanda baby, he said in a calm voice. Since you have chosen to be crazy over the truth I am forced to give you more truths. Romanda it is over between us and I’m leaving.  The confusion I don’t want or need. You see Romanda the real truth is you prefer lies.

SIDEBAR: Watch what you ask for….If you ask for the truth make sure you want to hear it.

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