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THE SHORTEST STORY #1 – Ray and Nisha

Every weekend for the past 3 months at 2a.m. on Saturday Nisha’s phone rings. It is him, Ray the man without clear definition in her life. The mystery guy she met at a ball game who just so happen to ask if she would like to go out sometime. Nisha allowed Ray to come to her house when they first met, instead of letting him take her out, as he suggested upon meeting her. He ask if she was asleep?  He already knew that she was asleep, however he knew that she would reply with the answer “no”.  Nisha answered the phone, and of course she says, that she was not asleep. She already knew why he was calling, so she ask him, what’s up with you? Ray responds, I am on my way over to your house is that okay?  Sure, she answers. Nisha jumps up and prepares herself for Ray’s arrival.

He arrives at her house and only stays less than an hour. Long enough to get his rocks off. He washes up and turns to her and says I’m leaving now, so you be good, and I’ll talk to you later.  He doesn’t even give her a kiss goodbye, nor an embrace to show some type of affection. He leaves Nisha feeling like an old worn out shoe, with a hole in the bottom of the sole thrown in the corner.

She calls him the next day and ask, when are we going to go out on a date? He looks at his phone with disbelief and says, what do you mean, I was just at your house last night. I am at your house every weekend. She replies, yes you are here every weekend, but it’s not a date. Ray responds, if it’s not a date I guess I’m just coming to see you and wasting my time. She tells him that she would like to be wined and dined. He replies, let me know when you’re cooking and having wine I’ll be over.

SIDEBAR: Never put the cart before the horse.

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